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It is a charmingly picturesque medieval wine village in Alsace.

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Old World setting

The town's narrow cobblestone streets are lined with well-preserved, half-timbered medieval houses and shops. Don't be surprised if you see a nesting stork on a chimney.

Walls and gates

Riquewihr has also managed to conserve its fortified walls and gates. The photogenic Dolder gate-tower is the most famous.


Local vitners grow various white grapes in the vast vineyards surrounding Riquewihr. Gewurtztraminer is the superstar. Hugel is its premier producer. Many of the vintners have small wine-tasting sites in the community.

Stay overnight

I recommend that you stay overnight so you can explore Riquewihr without the overload of summer daytrippers clogging the streets. For dinner, have the Alsatian specialty Choucroute Garni in one of the quaint restaurants.

Location in France

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