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It has the world's most spectacular display of stained glass windows.

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Why it was created

King Louis IX built Sainte-Chapelle (means "Holy Chapel" in French) to hold what he considered to be Christ's Crown of Thorns and a fragment of his cross. The holy relics are no longer in residence, but the nearly 800-year-old stained glass windows are. In certain threatening times, they were removed and stored safely.

Two chapels

Sainte-Chapelle are two chapels, one superimposed over the other. The upper one is by far the most interesting.

Famous stained-
glass windows

The upper chapel has the tall, stunning windows that are Sainte-Chapelle's chief attraction.


The 15 windows are as tall as a 5-story modern building - and cover most of the wall space.

The elaborate stained-glass artwork relates the complete Biblical story, told in over a thousand scenes.

The windows are best appreciated on bright sunny days - and at dusk while attending a candlelit concert.

Convenient location

Sainte-Chapelle is near the Notre Dame Cathedral, so both can easily be visited on the same day.

Location in France

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