Grand Canyon

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issues of the
Grand Canyon

Thinking about
coming in the winter
to avoid the crowds?

Think twice. Grand Canyon is cold and can be snowy with icy roads. Moreover, daylight is short and winter storms can obscure the view.

Grand Canyon

South Rim
vs. North Rim

The view is best from the South rim - it has the most breathtaking vantage points. And, unlike the case on the north rim, the sun is over your shoulder, which is best for both sightseeing and for taking photos.

perspective view

For the most awesome and thrilling perspective, fly below its rims in a sightseeing helicopter (best bet) or small plane.

View from
7 miles up

To appreciate the size of the nearly 500-kilometer (300-mile) long Grand Canyon, view it at 35,000 feet aboard a commercial jet. Note: The flight paths of many transcontinental planes to and from major Southern Californian cities skirt this natural wonder.

viewing hours

Early morning or late
afternoon on sunny days

These are the best time to see or photograph the Grand Canyon because the low angled sun rays intensify the hues of the rock layers.

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