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Na Pali Coast

High, rugged, verdant seacliffs rise majestically out of the sea. They are wild and isolated. There are three basic ways to view the cliffs.

By boat

Cruisers are lucky. You don't have to buy tickets on a Na Pali Coast sightseeing boat. Your cruise ship sails close to this natural wonder.

By air

To fully appreciate the cliffs, you have to take a sightseeing airplane or (preferably) helicopter. As a bonus, you also see Waimea Canyon from a bird's eye view.

On foot

You hike up the Waimea Canyon trails to the summit, then walk down the steep, narrow, and (to many) scary Kalalau Trail to one of the Na Pali Coast beaches. Since you'll need to backpack overnight, you must do this hike as a pre- or post-cruise adventure.

Waimea Canyon

It's nicknamed "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific" for good reason.


It measures about 1100 meters (3,600 feet) deep and 16 kilometers (10 miles) long.

Scenic lookouts

They are strategically located along the canyon's winding, scenic road. The star is end-of-the-road Pu'u Kila lookout. You look down on the stunning Na Pali Coast.


Dress in layers. It can be chilly at the higher lookouts.


Pray for a sunny day. Rain and low-hanging clouds dull the colors and, sometimes, veil the view.

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Rainiest place on earth

An average of 12 meters (40 feet) per of rain per year falls on Mt. Waialeale.

Outdoor movie set

The striking beauty of Kauai has not been lost on Hollywood. Major films like Jurassic Park and South Pacific were shot here.



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