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How much will I have
to pay for a Nile Cruise?

Keep in mind:


Double occupancy rates vary from about $125 per night per person for basic though reasonably comfortable ships to $350 for luxury vessels.

What's included, what's not

Nile Cruise prices typically include meals, nightly entertainment and guided shore excursions, but generally not expenses like alcoholic beverages, laundry service, tips, and air transportation (including the flight to Abu Simbel).

What should I know
about cabin locations?

Where your cabin is situated on the ship can make a big difference.

Motor vibrations

Avoid cabins near the rear of the boat because motor vibrations could interfere with your sleep..


Lower floor cabins provide less exciting views of the passing riverbank scenes than higher ones do.


If you sleep early, skip accommodations directly over and under the room where the nightly Nile Cruise entertainment is held.


Voices are sometimes loud enough to reach inside a cabin located near public staircases.

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