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Worst times
to cruise the
Nile River

Some periods of the
year have drawbacks.

Be aware:

Mid-April through September

Double occupancy rates vary from about $125 per night per person for basic though reasonably comfortable ships to $350 for luxury vessels.

Christmas and Easter

Nile Cruise prices typically include meals, nightly entertainment and guided shore excursions, but generally not expenses like alcoholic beverages, laundry service, tips, and air transportation (including the flight to Abu Simbel).

Great views
you'll see from
you boat anytime
of the year

Passing scenes

Nile River Cruise is more than exploring ancient ruins. As you cruise, you see many rural scenes such as tiny minaretted villages living at a traditional pace. You also view white-galabiya-dressed farmers working their small fields with animal-pulled wooden plows, as their distant ancestors did. And, you frequently see gently moving felucca sailboats (see photo above).

Encroaching desert

The thin strip of cultivated land you see from the boat is picturesque. It's also significant because it's all that separates the adjoining desert from reaching the Nile River (sometimes the relentless desert wins).

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