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Santorini has many interesting restaurants. Some have outdoor terraces overlooking the caldera bay. They are great spots for viewing the celebrated sunsets. The experience will be one of your most treasured memories of Greece.


It's lively in Santorini, especially in the village of Fira. For the young, the clubbing-till-dawn culture is well entrenched.


Many cruise ships call upon Santorini because it is cruise-ship friendly.


Deep harbor

Large cruise ships can sail into the caldera bay because it's quite deep.



Cruise tourists land at a wharf at the base of the caldera's cliff. Fira is directly above, but a long way up the cliff.


Reaching Fira

Cruise and yacht visitors can walk up a zigzagging pathway, but it's exhaustingly steep and long. On my first visit to Santorini, the only other option was to ride a donkey up that footpath. It was fun, but not for everyone. There is now a new option: modern cable cars. For those who want to make the ascent the old way, the donkeys are still around. They have been unofficially dubbed the taxi of Greece.

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