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Play blackjack, roulette, and the slots. It's most active after dinner.  Note: The casino is closed during most port visits because of local laws.


Web access is available for a fee. You can use the seven computers in the Internet Cafe. Or you can sign up for Wi-Fi access that is available throughout the ship, including in your suite, so bring your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Slowest connection speeds

When the ship is in port.

Busiest Internet Cafe times

Just before dinner and on the first and last day of the cruise.


Join others in the Show Lounge for a matinee or evening movie. You can also enjoy several hundred major films on demand at any hour on your suite's television set.

Lectures and seminars

Get a head start for your next port by attending the destination lectures.  The ship also has enrichment seminars.

Onboard tours

See the chef's galley and (sometimes) the captain's bridge in action.


Sharpen your cooking and wine savvy. Learn helpful words in the local language. Know casino gaming basics. Pick up new dance steps.


Compete in bingo, golf putting, shuffleboard, table tennis, trivia, and water volleyball.


Curl up with a book. The library has well-selected books that you check out on the honor system.


The boutiques sell jewelry, logo wear, and sundry products like motion-sickness-prevention wristbands.  Tip: Ask the reservation desk for its free seasick-prevention pills.

Special interest events

Check the daily bulletin for times and venues for meeting other bridge players, LGBT'ers, singles, Venetian Society members, whoever.

And more ...

There's much more to do onboard including playing board games such as Scrabble. Or you can do nothing at all but relax.

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