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Choice tours can become fully booked early, so book them well in advance on the Silversea Cruises' website. If you haven't, do it at the Concierge Desk as soon as you board.

If fully booked

Sign up early at the Concierge Desk to be at or near the top of the waiting list. Be aware that most cancellations occur the day before the tour.

Book with the ship
or on your own?

Each has method advantages You'll save some money booking on your own. However, if your self-booked tour vehicle breaks down on the road far from the port, the ship may sail without you to maintain its tight schedule. On ship-booked tours, the boat normally waits at least an hour or two. And if you do miss the boat, Silversea Cruises at its expense will get you to the next port to meet the ship.

Tour buses are not packed

To enhance the excursion experience of its guests, Silversea Cruises often leaves some tour bus seats vacant. And the tour groups are noticeably smaller sized than those offered by most cruise lines.

Onboard short excursion info

Although the daily Chronicle that's delivered to your suite contains helpful information on the next port of call, make it a habit to drop by the Concierge Desk the evening before for supplemental materials. For example, the desk often has guide pamphlets and possibly maps published by the local tourism board.

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