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Composing shots


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when composing your shots

Don't center your subject

Most amateurs make this mistake while composing photos. They center their subject smack in the middle of the picture.

Professionals don't. They know that pictures are more dramatic if the main subject (person or structure) is positioned off center.



To locate the ideal areas for composing photos, follow the Rule of Thirds method. They mentally draw two pairs of equidistant parallel lines, horizontal and vertical (the result resembles a Tic-Tac-Toe board).

They then place the most important part of the main subject at or near where the lines intersect (see red-circle areas).

Look through leading travel magazines. Most of their pictures employ the off-center method.

Exclude distractions

Many travel pictures are marred because distracting elements were not excluded. Parked cars, tour groups and telephone polls draw attention away from your main subject.

Here are two helpful pointers to eliminate possible visual distractions:

See what your camera sees

The human mind blocks out clutter, the camera doesn't. Get into the habit of always scrutinizing the edges of your LCD screen (or view finder) for possible visual distractions.

Fill the frame

This means getting as close as possible to the main subject by using your feet or telescopic lens.

Other photo composing pointers

Keep in mind:


Ascertain that the horizon is level before squeezing the camera's shutter button.

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composing shots



Conspicuous straight or curved lines (such as a road) should lead the eye to the main subject, not away from it.

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