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Airport X-ray machines

The modern ones designed for checked travel luggage are so powerful that they could ruin your camera memory card (and perhaps the camera's circuitry).

Keep your camera in your possession and pass it through the screening equipment used for carry-on luggage. Its x-rays are weaker and are generally considered safe for digital cameras and memory cards (though not necessarily for film).

Occasionally you can convince a security guard to hand inspect your camera, but don't count on it.

Spare memory card

It is a must because travelers tend to take far more photos than they expected. And, even if you have a multi-gig card, it could malfunction.

The cards that normally come with cameras are grossly inadequate to use as backup.

Your spare should have enough memory to substitute for your regular card should it fail at the beginning of your trip. I use a 16-gig card and my backup has the same capacity.

You can buy memory cards with 4-, 8-, 16-, 32-, 64-, and 128-gig capacities.

Extra insurance

Some travelers regularly email their best travel pictures to their email address or photo storage service. You can do this in your hotel's business center or at a local internet cafe.

Another way to avoid having all your eggs in one basket is to upload your prized photos each night to your laptop or table.

Sharing cards

Warning: Sharing a memory card between two cameras could create a problem when the two cameras use different internal software. The wrong software could corrupt the card's settings and recorded photos.

If you need to use the memory card in a camera that's not compatible with yours, reformat the card using that camera's software before using the card. (Just be sure you've already uploaded from that card all the photos worth saving.)

Removing and inserting

Unless your manual says it's okay, never eject or insert a camera memory card when the camera is on. You would be putting your card and its travel contents in jeopardy. Remember, off means entirely off. If you see a light, notice a lens movement, or hear the slightest sound, your camera is still on.

Formatting the card

Some cameras won't work properly if the memory card isn't formatted by the camera's proprietary software. Check your manual.

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