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Molokai shore excursions

Molokai sea cliffs

View the world's highest sea cliffs (910 meters or 3000 feet tall). This can be done on a helicopter or airplane flightseeing tour - or from the decks of your cruise ship.

Leper colony

Explore the renowned secluded 18th-century leper colony.

Kahiwa Falls

Its tiered drop measures 660 meters or 2165 feet.

Other Islands


Divers and snorklers praise the Hulope Bay site (an easy daytrip from Maui). Lanai also has two getaway luxury resorts.


It's uninhabited and off-limits to visitors because the landscape is strewn with unexploded shells (Kahoolawe was once a target range for military ships and aircraft). An effort is currently underway to remove the explosives and resettle the island.


This small island is privately owned. Only its native-Hawaiian residents and a limited number of invited guests may be on the island.

Hawaiian Archipelago

The Hawaiian Islands are the southwestern end of the Hawaiian Archipelago. This 2500-kilometer (1600-mile) long volcanic chain of islands stretches back to Midway Island and beyond.



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