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Your 3 basic
Hawaiian cruise options


Cruise all the way


Cruse from the West Coast to Hawaii.

The same ship visits several islands.

It then sails you back to the West Coast.


Figure on about 15 cruise days (the majority will be sea days).


Cruise/fly combo


You cruise from the West Coast, visit several islands, and then fly back to the West Coast.

Or you do the reverse (fly to and cruise back).


Plan on 10 to 12 days (four or five will be sea days). One advantage of a cruise/fly combo is you can enjoy a pre- or post-cruise land vacation in Hawaii.


Honolulu to Honolulu cruise


Fly from the West Coast to Honolulu.

Board ship in Honolulu, visit several islands, then disembark in Honolulu.

Fly home.


By law, only Norwegian Cruise Line can offer it. The week-long itinerary begins and ends on Saturdays. Like option #2, this option is pre- and post-cruise vacation friendly.

Another option

You arrive and depart Hawaii on a trans-pacific or round-the-world cruise.


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