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Temple of Artemis
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The edifice boasted over 100 graceful marble columns, each measuring more than 15 meters (50 feet) in height


The structure covered an area several times larger than does the Acropolis in Athens.

Alexander the Great

Many tales about the Temple of Artemis have been passed down by ancient writers.

One was penned by the Roman historian Pliny. He related that Alexander the Great offered to finish rebuilding the burned down temple on the condition that his name be inscribed in gratitude on the new Temple of Artemis.

These temple authorities were miffed by this egotistical demand of an outsider, but didn't want to anger the powerful conqueror Alexander. So, they came up with this clever diplomatic rejection: It is unfitting for one god to build a temple for another god.

Another Alexander legend

He was born on July 21, 336 BC, the same day the earlier mentioned arsonist Herostratus burned down the Temple of Artemis. The goddess Artemis did nothing to stop the temple from burning because she was too busy attending to Alexander's birth.

BC tourism

The Temple of Artemis was a tourist attraction in its heyday. It drew travelers from afar. A local cottage industry produced souvenirs and religious items including miniature statues of Artemis. Hawkers sold them to visitors, which helped the local economy.


If you're going to visit the Temple of Artemis site, be sure to reserve a day or two to explore the spectacular ruins of Ephesus. It is a Hillman Wonders Silver Medal winner. Click the  "top 1000 wonders" link below to see my complete list of my Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal winners.

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