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Bermuda's major
tourist appeals


Beautiful pink-sand beaches
Snorkeling/diving in turquoise water
Pastel homes with colorful gardens
World-class resorts and golf courses
Slow, relaxed pace for unwinding
Friendly residents


Unique in the world

Bermuda is unlike any Caribbean or other island you've seen. It has its own special character.


Not a tropical island,
as many people believe who
have never been to Bermuda

The island is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, some 1100 kilometers (700 miles) north of the Caribbean Sea. Bermuda is on the same latitude as North Carolina.

This explains why the island enjoys mild summers while the Caribbean is having hot and humid ones. On the other side of the coin, Bermuda's winters are appreciably colder.


Proud British heritage

Bermudians maintain their British lifestyle, but with interesting twists. For example, some businessmen wear a dress coat and tie with Bermuda shorts.


Per capita income

It's among the highest in the world.



Residents pay no income or sales taxes. But don't pack your bags just yet. Citizenship is difficult to obtain.



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