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New Yorkers are renowned for their thick skins. New Yorkers (including me) are the first to enjoy these not-always complimentary quotes.

  The faces in New York remind
me of people who played a game
and lost.

Murray Kempton

  It is a miracle that New York
works at all. The whole thing is

E.B. White

  This is the town that never
sleeps. That's why we don't live
in Duluth. That plus I don't know
where Duluth is.

Woody Allen

  What else can you expect
from a town that's shut off
from the world by the ocean on
one side and New Jersey on
the other?

O. Henry

  New York...when civilization
falls apart, remember, we were
way ahead of you.

David Letterman

  No matter how many times
I visit this great city, I'm always
struck by the same thing:
a yellow taxi cab.

Scott Adams (Dilbert)

  When it's 3 o'clock in New
York, it's still 1938 in London.

Bette Midler

  In Boston they ask, how much
does he know? In New York, how
much is he worth? In Philadelphia,
who were his parents?

Mark Twain

  Every person on the streets
of New York is a type. The city is
one big theater where everyone
is on display.

Jerry Rubin

  I moved to New York City for
my health. I'm paranoid and it
was the only place where my
fears were justified.

Anita Weiss

  The crime problem in New York
is getting really serious. The
other day the Statue of Liberty
had both hands up.

Jay Leno

  New Yorkers say "excuse me"
as a command.

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  The New York telephone
directory is my favorite book.
No plot, but what an amusing
cast of characters.

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  New Yorkers view stop lights
as a video-game challenge.

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  Manhattan is 11 miles long
and 2 hours wide.

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  New Yorkers like to boast that
if you can survive in New York,
you can survive anywhere. But
if you can survive anywhere,
why live in New York?

Edward Abbey


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