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Top 10
New York
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New York skyline

It is Manhattan's majestic trademark. The day and night views are markedly different.

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Statue of Liberty

The soaring Statue of Liberty was a gift to the American people from the French people.

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United Nations

Major world issues are debated and often solved inside the United Nations building.

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Times Square at night

After dark, Times Square changes into a world of neon-sign fantasy.

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World Trade Center

Visitors enjoy the breathtaking view of New York from the 102nd-floor One World Observatory. And they are deeply moved by the two 911 memorials: waterfalls (ground level) and museum (underground).

Bronx Zoo

More than 600 wildlife species from around the world are featured in interesting indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Central Park

This vast urban oasis in the middle of Manhattan provides a peaceful retreat, stage performances, and more.


The narrow, serpentine streets of Chinatown burst with restaurants and exotic markets.

Grand Central station

The spirt of the cavernous, architecturally stunning main hall pulsates during rush hours.

Lincoln Center at night

The sight of the cultural building complex surrounding the fountain square is exhilarating at night.

Top runners-up

Boat tour circling Manhattan
Financial District
Greenwich Village
Little Italy
Staten Island Ferry


Montage ©2015 HQP. Individual photo #1- Oscar Urdaneta CC by-SA 3.0, #5- Steve Bott CC by 2.0 ), #7- Ed Yourdon CC by 2.0, #8- Cedric Sam CC by 2.0, #9- Alex Proimos CC by 2.0, #10- Nils Olander
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