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Metropolitan Museum of Art

The sculpture and paintings span 5,000 years in one of the world's two greatest museums (the other being the Louvre in Paris). Click this link to view my web page on it.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum of Modern Art

MOMA's mission is, quite simply, modern art. And it has masterly succeeded in this endeavor in its smartly designed abode. Click this link to see my web page about it.

Museum of Modern Art

American Museum of Natural History

It covers a wealth of natural science areas, such as dinosaurs and astronomy. Click this link to read my descriptive web page on it.

American Museum of Natural History

Brooklyn Museum

New York's "other Met" showcases a broad, multi-cultural artistic trove.

Guggenheim Museum

Modern art is displayed on the spiraling ramp inside an unforgettably striking building designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Best of the other
New York Museums

Of New York's several dozen museums, these are the top runners-up to the above Best 5 list.

American Folk Art Museum
Asia Society
Cooper-HewittNational Design Museum
Ellis Island Immigration Museum
Frick Collection
Intrepid Museum
Morgan Library & Museum
9/11 Memorial Museum


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