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Best times to visit Venice

May and June

Temperatures are pleasant. Venice's infamous summer mass of tourists have yet to arrive in full force (though their count becomes high by the middle of June).

September and October

The best time within this period begins in mid-September when Venice's summer's heat is gone and massive tourist crowds have decreased. And it ends in mid October when temperatures are usually too nippy for most outdoor sightseers.

Least desirable times

July and August

Expect crushing tourist crowds, excruciatingly long lines, uncomfortably high temperatures, wallet-wounding hotel bills, and scarce room availability. Note: These negatives can begin in mid June.

November to March

Venice becomes quite cold. And it's more prone to suffer flooding that can blanket alleyways and St Mark's square.

Coping with tourist crowds

To minimize the summer tourist crunch, spend most of your time exploring the picturesque alleys and canals away from St Marks Square, Rialto Bridge, and the alleys that connect the two.

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Venice photo by Boss Tweed - CC BY 2.0


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