Basic Italian phrases

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Your next trip to Italy will be more enjoyable by learning these basic Italian phrases.

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Hi / bye  (casual)
Ciao   chow

Good day  (formal)
Buon giorno   bwon ZHOR-no

Good evening  (formal)
Buona sera   BWOH-nah SEH-rah

Good night  (formal)
Buona notte   BWOH-nah NOHT-teh

Arrivederci   ah-ree-vuh-DEHR-chee

Per favore   pehr fah-VOH-reh

Thank you
Grazie   GRAHT-zee

You're Welcome
Prego   PREH-goh

Excuse me / sorry
Scusi   SKOO-zee

Excuse me  (to pass)
Permesso   per-MESS-soh

Si   see

No   noh

The check  (in restaurant)
Il conto   Eel KOHN toh

How much is it?
Quanto?   KWAHN-toh

Dove   DOH-veh

What is your name?  (casual)
Come ti chiami?  KOH-meh tee kee-AH-mee

My name is ...
Mi chiamo ...   mee kee-AH-mo

Do you speak English?
Parla inglese?   PAHR-lah een-GLEH-zeh

List and phonetics ©2013 HQP /

Helpful Italian
language pointers


When in doubt, put the stress on the second to last syllable of a word. You will usually be right.


In nearly all cases, you pronounce each consonant distinctly. Don't blend it with the following consonant.

Keep it handy

Print this phrase list and take it with you on your trip.

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