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Issues to consider
when choosing a
Caribbean itinerary

Embarkation and
debarkation ports

Their locations affect your airfare and whether you can book a nonstop flight. They also determine how long it takes to sail to your first port of call. And an inconvenient flight schedule could force you to stay overnight in a hotel at the port before or after the cruise.

Cruise length

Select the right cruise length for you. Caribbean cruises vary from 3 to 14 nights.

Most popular:  7

Long weekdend:  3 is ideal

Retirees:  14 could make sense

Ports of call

Do your homework before booking. Make sure the ports of call on an itinerary satisfy your personal priorities, be they shopping, sightseeing, beaching, watersporting, whatever.

Time in port

Generally, the larger the ship, the fewer hours you will have on an island. Some smaller ships sometimes stay late or overnight to give its passengers the opportunity to enjoy nightlife or dinner on a island.

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