Colloseum of Rome
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The fascinating
and long history of the
Colloseum of Rome

A quick tour through its lifetime:

1st century AD

The great fire of 64 AD burns down the buildings in the area that Colloseum of Rome will later occupy.

Emperor Vespasian commissions the Colloseum of Rome in 72 AD as an entertainment center for his subjects.

His son, Emperor Titus, opens the nearly completed Colloseum of Rome in 80 AD with 100 consecutive days of public events, including bloody gladiator fights and non-gory theatrical productions.

3rd century AD

The Colloseum of Rome is restored after being heavily damaged by a lightning-caused fire.

5th century AD

Emperor Honorius outlaws in 404 AD the Colloseum of Rome's gladiator death duels.

The Western Roman Empire falls to the Goths in 476 AD and the spectacles at the Colloseum of Rome cease.

Middle Ages

During this period (476 to 1453 AD) the Colloseum of Rome deteriorates.

16th century AD

Local construction firms quarry some of the large Colloseum of Rome stone building blocks for use in other sites, including St. Peter's Basilica.

19th century AD

The popes champion the restoration of the Colloseum of Rome, preserving it for future generations.

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