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Turkish cuisine
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Turkish cuisine is a Middle Eastern culinary marriage - and the nation has some of the most dedicated and talented cooks on earth.

Turkish foods

Shish Kebab

Marinated cubes of lamb grilled on a skewer. If vegetables such as onions or tomatoes are to complement the Shish Kebab, they are typically grilled separately.


Cheese- or meat-filled phyllo dough pastries with crisp, brittle skins.

Doner Kebab

A large vertical spit used to roast large pieces of lamb or mutton. The constant turning of the spit gives all sides of the meat a crisp crust, which is sliced off and served.

Iman Bayildi

A dish of eggplant stuffed with tomatoes and onions, then baked in olive oil. The name derives from the classic Turkish tale about a priest (iman) who fainted (bayildi) because his bride used up her entire multi-barrel-sized dowry of olive oil preparing a few eggplant dishes.

Midya Dolmasi

Steamed mussels stuffed with rice and pine nuts. Served cold.

Yalanci Dolma

Rice-stuffed vine leaves. Lamb may or may not be added to the stuffing.

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