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What does the
word "dolma" mean?

This term translates "stuffed." The filling can be almost anything and the casing could be cabbage leaves or even a hollowed out cucumber, squash, or onion. The most celebrated combination is rice-stuffed vine leaves, yalanci dolma.

How did you come upon
the Yalanci Dolma recipe?

The Asian, or Anatolian, side of the Bosphorus pulses at a slower rate. Within a few minutes' drive from the ferry terminal, I was in the midst of fertile farms and blooming orchards. On this exploratory trip I met a farmer's wife who had earned a stellar reputation in the nearby village for her dolma.

What is Istanbul's
celebrated seafood source?

The Bosphorus Strait. It separates Istanbul as well as Europe and Asia. This strait is among the busiest in the world: Jammed ferries crisscross it twenty four hours a day and private yachts and goliath warships steadily pass through it, as if on parade.

Going any which way are the fishing boats in search of the tasty bounty that may end up grilled that evening in one of the many hectic outdoor restaurants strung along the European shoreline.



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