Yalanci Dolma

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Yalanci Dolma
vin leaf preparation


Cut off the fibrous stems (if any) with a knife or scissors. Be careful not to rip the leaves.

If fresh

Thoroughly wash them in warm tap water. Soften these leaves by placing them a few at a time in a large pot of boiling water. As each leaf is parboiled for 2 to 3 minutes, drain it and place it on a flat surface, shiny side down. Keep the leaves separated.

If brined

This would be the case if the leaves are sold in glass jars or out of a barrel. Gently rinse off as much of their excess salt as possible in two or more changes of hot tap water.

Yalanci Dolma
additional pointers

Fresh vine leaves

When buying them, select young and tender specimens.

Brined vine leaves

If you use them, reduce the salt quantity in the recipe by half (no matter how well you rinse these leaves, some salt will remain).


Usually forty or more vine leaves are packed in a standard-sized jar. Select the choicest (untorn) leaves for stuffing and save the rejects for lining the pan.


If you add the cinnamon or pepper in step 4 before the pan has slightly cooled, those spices may scorch and therefore become bitter.


In step 5, each dolma should be rolled in a reasonably tight but not taut bundle. You need to leave some room for the expansion of the rice as it cooks.


Unless the dolma are packed snugly and seam side down, the rice may ooze out as it expands.

Extra leaves

If you have more dolma than can fit into a single layer in the pan, start a second layer. Fill up empty spaces with surplus vine leaves.


In step 10, the water must simmer but not boil. The lid must not be removed until near the end of the cooking period or some of the needed steam will escape.


Do not overcook the preparation in step 10. Otherwise the rice will become mushy.

Yalanci Dolma
serving suggestions


Forget utensils. Use your fingers.


Furnish each guest with a lemon wedge for squeezing over the dolma.


Dolma can be enjoyed as an appetizer or as part of a salad plate.

Party dish

Since yalanci dolma can be made a day ahead of time, it is a convenient party dish.

Yalanci Dolma


Dolma can be prepared in the oven.

Flavoring agents

Experiment with other seasonings, such as garlic.


Substitute broth or tomato juice for the water in step 10.


Substitute broth or tomato juice for the water in step 10.


Dolma can be made with the addition of ground lamb. In this case the dolma are served hot, usually with a sauce.


Some chefs completely cook the rice before they stuff the vine leaves. The chief drawback to this variation is that the rice inside the dolma won't expand, and therefore the dolma won't be as plump as they should be.

Yalanci Dolma


Cover the bowl or plate of dolma with plastic wrap and refrigerate the dish for up to several days. A dolma often improves in flavor as it sits in the refrigerator.



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