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table of contents

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Page 1 - This page (contents)

Page 2 - What is a peasant?

In the context of this writing
Not necessarily impoverished
The first peasants
Practically everyone was one
How many peasant ancestors have you?

Page 3 - Culinary heritage

Culinary roots
Adopted foreign foods
Dish origins
Some ingredients are now global staples

Page 4 - Cultural & psychological aspects

Sense of sharing
Religion and folk tradition
Means of identification
New foods
Familiar foods
Emotional attachment

Page 5 - More

Peasant farm labor
Many authentic versions
Be creative, but...

Page 6 - More (cont)

Quality ingredients
Hot and spicy

Page 7 - More (cont)

Be a cuisine explorer
How to meet peasant cooks
Express interest in their food
Ask for recipes

Page 8 - More (cont)

Language barrier
How to overcome the barrier
Body language


Peasant table by Ivan Semenovich Kulikov - PD


Famous peasant dishes

Arroz Con Pollo  Spain
Cassoulet  France
Cha Chiang Mein  China
Couscous  Morocco
Houskove Knedliky  Czech Republic
Huevos Rancheros  Mexico
Nasi Goreng  Indonesia
Osso Buco  Italy
Oyako Donburi  Japan
Roghan Josh  India
Tom Yam Kung  Thailand
Vatapa  Brazil
Yalanci Dolma  Turkey

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