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Why take a helicopter tour

You will see Dubai's amazing cityscape in a new perspective. Structures like the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab are more dramatic when seen from above. And you'll see the colossal man-made island projects from a falcon's eye view.

I took the AeroGulf helicopter tour (see photo). Here's a partial list of major Dubai landmarks I saw during the flight:

Burj Khalifa

World's tallest building

Burj Al Arab

Hotel with photogenic sail design

Jumeirah Palm

Supersized palm-shaped island

The World

Islands form a huge global map

Jumeirah Beach

Long sandy stretch lined with resorts

Dubai Marina

Studded with luxury yachts

Dubai Creek

Historic, teeming waterway

Old Dubai

Grand Mosque, souks, and more

Port Rashid

Cruise and other large ships

Ski Dubai

Building's exterior has odd shape

Sheik Sayed Road

Lined with striking skyscrapers

To book or for more information about AeroGulf and its helicopter tours, click the following link to go directly to its website:


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