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Burj Khalifa

Take the world's fastest elevator to the 124th floor observatory of the world's tallest building for a panoramic view of Dubai.

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Helicopter ride

Dubai is so spread out that it requires an aerial view to fully appreciate its scope - and to see its skyscrapers and man-made islandsin perspective.

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Burj Al Arab

This luxury hotel boasts one of our planet's most striking architectural designs, both outside and (see photo) inside. You can view the Burj Al Arab up close free from outside its main gate. Or, you can go inside if you book a room, tour, or dining reservation.

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Desert Safari

You travel to the desert in a 4x4 vehicle to zoom up and down high sand dunes (not for the faint of heart). Afterwards, you sit on a carpet for an ethnic dinner served under the stars. Musicians and belly dancers entertain.

Ski Dubai

Hard to believe, you can ski, sled and snowboard in this desert city. Indoor Ski Dubai has chair lifts (left photo) and more. For non-skiers, there are free floor-to-ceiling viewing windows in the adjoining mall.

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