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Wild Wadi

Families love it. There's something for everyone, including a high and steep waterslide (left photo). You can also ride a challenging artificial wave (right photo). But most rides and attractions are tame enough for young children.

Gold Souk

The famous covered Gold Souk of Dubai is lined with small jewelry stores featuring gold bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Nearby is the interesting Spice Souk.

Shopping malls

Dubai has many grand, luxury malls that fashionistas dream of. The two most famous are the Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall. They sell nearly every celebrated luxury brand.

Creek ferry and boat tour

Cross the Dubai Creek in a small wooden traditional ferry. It's fun, quick, and costs next to nothing. You can also cruise up and down the creek in a tourist dhow.


The Jumeirah Mosque (left photo) and the Grand Mosque (right) are Dubai's leading two houses of worship. Note: Non-Muslims can view the Jumeirah Mosque from the outside but may not enter it.

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