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Is a
Persian Gulf cruise
right for you?

The answer is yes if ...


You are a seasoned traveler who has seen much of the world.

You enjoy exploring new cultures and off-the-beaten path destinations.

You want an alternative to conventional winter cruise destinations like the Caribbean and Canary Islands.

You've always wanted to visit Dubai.

The very thought of seeing the other Persian Gulf ports of call (see map) sparks your wanderlust.

Persian Gulf cruise
shore excursions

Interesting experiences

Persian Gulf cruise shore excursions are different from conventional ones like those in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. For example, you will:

Walk through streets where many still wear traditional garments, not Euro-American clothing.

See magnificent houses of worship, but they will be mosques, not cathedrals.

Drive up and down steep desert sand dunes.

Take a 4x4 vehicle into the spectacularly arid, rugged, desolate, mountainous hinterland.

Seldom see rain (over 95% of the days are sunny).

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Top 4 cruise ports for visitors
1 - Dubai
2 - Abu Dhabi
3 - Muscat
4 - Khasab
+   Six other cruise ports

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