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Why Agrigento
in Sicily is special

This ancient city has an array of Greek Doric temples on a ridge overlooking the sea. The Temple of Concordia (see photo) is well-preserved considering its 2,500 year lifespan.

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history in brief


6th century BC

Ancient Agrigento was founded by Greek colonists.


It soon became ...

One of the Mediterranean's economic powerhouses. This was when the main temples were built.


Beginning near the turn
of the 3rd century BC

Agrigento experienced a series of ups and downs via invasions and sackings. This lasted about 8 centuries. By the time the Roman Empire collapsed, Agrigento was a fading star.


Agrigento occupies
a vast terrain

And much of this Sicilian wonder remains unexcavated.

Best time
to come

Agrigento is best visited in the spring when temperatures are mild and the landscape is green. Summers are dry and hot. Wear a hat - shade trees are scarce.

Location in Italy

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