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Why Assisi
is special

It is home to the Basilica of San Francisco, the mother church of the Franciscan Order, founded by Assisian St. Francis in the 13th century.

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The structure Basilica of San Francisco (see photo) has two churches, one constructed on top of the other. They are aptly called the Lower Basilica and the Upper Basilica.


Lower Basilica

It contains St. Francis's crypt. It is more atmospheric than the upper church because less natural light comes in, making it necessary to light a lot of candles.


Upper Basilica

Its highlight is the frescos by the world-renowned Giotto.


Other Assisi

The medieval buildings and cobblestoned  streets of the walled town of Assisi are also worthwhile attractions.


Assisi offers sweeping views of the vast rural valley below. For an even grander view, hike the path that takes you to the 14th century castle-fortress ruins above the town.

Location in Italy

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