Bargello Palace

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Why the
Bargello Palace Museum
in Florence is special

This museum houses a superb collection of 13th to 16th century sculptures. An architecturally stunning courtyard lies within the museum's massive crenellated Florentine-style Gothic building.

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Enjoy the works of:



Topping the list are works by Michelangelo. They include these four masterpieces: Brutus, Bacchus,
David-Apollo, and Madonna & Child.



His outstanding creations include San Giorgio and his two Davids.


You'll also find splendid works by masters such as Cellini and Ghiberti.

Bargello Palace
history in brief

The building's purpose has radically transformed through its 750 years of existence.


It was built in the 1250s. Early on, it was a government seat.


During< its middle years, the building's functions fluctuated. It was variously a court, jail and police headquarters. And, executions were carried out in its interior outdoor courtyard.


In 1865, it became a national museum - and remains so today.


Location in Italy

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