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Bergamo Upper Town
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This delightful medieval walled city on the fringe of the Alps sits on a hilltop overlooking Bergamo Lower Town and the plains beyond. The residents are known for their artistic bent.

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How the Upper Town
and Lower Town differ

Many exist. The top three on the do-not-miss list are:


Upper Town

You will enjoy its medieval architecture and a slow-pace lifestyle.


Lower Town

It is mainly a 20th-century product with a big-city hustle and bustle.


Upper Town

Many exist. The top three on the do-not-miss list are:

Piazza Vecchia (Old Square)

It is the focal point of Bergamo Upper Town. It's lined with historic buildings.


Narrow streets

Be sure to wander through the narrow, sometimes steep streets flanked by medieval buildings.



For grand views of Bergamo and the countryside, walk along the encircling 16th century walls - or climb the castle or main bell tower steps.


Upper Town

They include the Santa Maria Maggiori church (medieval construction), the Accademia Carrara (paintings), and a trip up the funicular.

It's near Milan

This travel wonder is an hour's drive away from Milan. This proximity  has made Bergamo a popular weekend getaway for the citizens of that city.

Location in Italy

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