Borghese Gallery
in Rome

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Why the
Borghese Gallery
in Rome is special

The Borghese Gallery is one of the world's finest small art museums. It's a favorite among art insiders. The splendid art collection was initiated in the early 1600s by Cardinal Scipione Borghese. It is housed in his palace-like dwelling.

The highlight is the extensive collection of early marble statues of Bernini.

Borghese Gallery
tips & insights

Museum's most
famous artworks

Two stand out:

Apollo and Daphne

This 1625 statue propelled Bernini into international stardom.

Pauline Borghese

The model for Canova's reclining statue of Venus was Napoleon's sister, the Princess Pauline Borghese. She created a scandal in staid European aristocracy because she posed voluptuously bare from her head down to her upper pelvic area.

renowned artwork




Rape of Persephone



David and Goliath




Sacred and Profane Love


Make reservations
far ahead

The petite museum can accommodate few people during each 2-hour visitor period. I recommend you make your reservations a month or more in advance. You can obtain them online through various websites.

Is there
an audio tour?

There is one and it's decent, but the live tour guide makes the artwork come to life.

Borghese Museum's
location in Rome

It sits on the edge of Villa Borghese, by far Rome's largest park.

Location in Italy

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