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Why Capri
is special

This Italian island is a widely popular getaway for the rich and famous. For the rest of us, it has a gorgeous landscape and setting.

Best months
to visit Capri

May to October

They are the two best months. The weather is nice and the tourist count is relatively low.

Top 7
must sees

Don't miss these:

Blue Grotto

Water inside this coastal cave becomes jewel-like turquoise-blue.

La Piazzetta

The charming "Little Square" in Capri Village is lined with designer boutiques and cafes.

Villa Jovis

The ruins of the palace where Tiberius ruled the Roman Empire for a decade.


The postcard icon of Capri. Small jagged rock islands poke out of the sea.

Villa San Michelle

Spectacular bird's eyeview of the port and northern coastline.

Anacapri Village

Smaller, less expensive, and more casual than Capri Village.

Marina Grande and Piccola

Two ports on opposite sides of the island.

Correctly pronouncing
the island's name

Many visitors mispronounce Capri by accenting the second instead of the first syllable. It is pronounced CAH-pree, not cah-PREE.

Location in Italy

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