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Why the
Cinque Terre
is special

Villages and terraced vineyards cling to the steep, craggy coastline of Cinque Terre. The villages are blessed with narrow streets, old-time charm, and a strong sense of the sea.

Cinque Terre
tips and insights

Cinque Terre was
once difficult to reach

Until recent times, the villages were directly accessible only by boat or mule trail. Nowadays, there is train service to each village. A daily ship-ferry service is also available (with superb views of the Cinque Terre sea-landscape). You can drive to or near some of the villages (but parking is a problem).

Trails connect
the villages

You can trek between the communities on a narrow, up-and-down, 12-kilometer (7-mile) trail. The panoramic views are awesome. Some sections are challenging and not recommended for the unfit or acrophobic.

The two
best villages



Most seasoned travelers believe it is the most picturesque of the villages



This is the runner-up. It's also the most touristy village.


Meaning of
Cinque Terre

The name means"five lands", referring to the area's five fishing villages, which still flourish.

Location in Italy

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