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Why the
Doge's Palace
is special

Venice and its extended domain were ruled from the Doge's Palace for over a thousand years. Today, visitors enjoy its ornate rooms and art collection.

Doge's Palace
tips & insights

Who were
the doges?

"Doge" was the title of the governmental leader of Venice. The name is the Venetian variation of the Latin word "dux", meaning leader or duke. A doge was elected for life and lived in the palace.

How the
Doge's Palace evolved

With several reconstructions, the Doge's Palace gradually transformed itself from an unrefined 9th century fortress into an elegant 15th century palace (which we see today).

Must sees

Among its many Doge's Palace attractions, these are the top tourist favorites:


Grand Council Chamber

The walls are almost fully covered with paintings of all the doges (except for one, who was guilty of malfeasance).


Bridge of Sights

This enclosed bridge links the Doge's Palace with a prison across a canal. Prisoners reputedly sighed as they saw their last glimpse of daylight through a window as they were led to the dungeons and torture cells (which you can visit).


Ticket and
timing tips

Avoid long lines by buying your admission ticket early. And be one of the first or last to enter to avoid the tour crowds.

Doge's Palace
is easy to reach

It is conveniently situated. The Doge's Palace abuts the basilica and square of St. Mark's.

Location in Italy

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