Milan Cathedral

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Milan Cathedral
is special

The architectural design of the mammoth Milan Cathedral is strikingly yet delicately ornate.

Milan Cathedral
tips and insights

The artistic glory
of the Milan Cathedral

It is the exterior (see photo). The multitude of spires and statues create a memorable sight as you stand in Milan's main square.

Madonnina statue

tallest spire is crowned with the Madonnina statue, a famous Milan icon. It resides about 100 meters (300 feet) above street level.

The interior

The Milan Cathedral interior is not as magnificent as the exterior, but has its appeals. One is experiencing its vastness - the building can accommodate up to 40,000 worshippers. Other interior highlights include the altars, stain-glass windows, ceiling vaults, and soaring pillars.

Visit the roof

You gain a new perspective of the Milan Cathedral. Do this by climbing or taking the elevator up to the roof. You can wander through the church's rooftop forest of marble statues and spires. You will also have a bird's eye view of the square and surrounding cityscape. On clear smog-free days, you can see the white-capped Alps.

history in brief

A church has been on the site since the 5th century. The cathedral we see today was started in the 14th century and took 500 years to complete.

Location in Italy

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