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Why the
Museum of St Mark
in Florence is special

It is known for its admirable 15th century frescoes painted by (or under the supervision of) the celebrated Fra Angelico. They number several dozen and adorn corridor walls and monk cells of the museum (the former convent of San Marco).

Museum of St Mark
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Who was
Fra Angelico?


His religious life

Fra Angelico was a friar of the Dominican order. He resided and painted in the San Marco monastery for about a decade.


Fra Angelico's art

His frescoes and altarpieces are known for their clear, unencumbered spirituality of religious episodes. Today his works are displayed in many major museums in and beyond Italy, including the Louvre in Paris. The Annunciation (see picture) is one of his remarkable frescoes.



Soon after he passed away in 1455, people began referring to him as Beato Fra Angelico. But he wasn't officially beatified by the church until over 500 years later, by Pope John Paul II in 1984.



A generation after Fra Angelico's lifetime, the controversial friar Savonarola lived and served as prior at the convent of San Marco (his cell dwelling is now on view to the public). Later, he ruled Florence and was burned at the stake as a heretic.

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