Ostia Antica

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Ostia Antica
is special

It is the best preserved ancient Roman town. It has superlative mosaics and balconied multi-story buildings.

Top 5 attractions
of Ostia Antica

Don't miss seeing these

My top-five list:

Baths of Neptune

Splendid mosaic.

Piazza of the Corporations

Artistic mosaics visually identify the specialties of dozens of companies (for the multitude who could not read).


Still being used today.


Remains of major temples.

Fireman's barracks

Ruins of a large fire-unit complex.


What functions
did the town serve?

Ostia Antica served as both a military camp (to prevent invaders from sailing up the Tiber River to reach Rome) and the major commercial port for imports from distant lands destined for Rome.

How Pompeii and
Ostia Antica differ

Quick comparison

True, Pompeii is a more exciting tourist draw than Ostia Antica because it was dramatically buried under the ashes of a Vesuvius eruption. However, Ostia Antica has its pluses. It is better preserved and gives the visitor a better idea of what a typical ancient Roman town was like.

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