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Il Palio
is special

It is the world's most thrilling and frenetic public horse race. The Palio takes place in the picturesque Piazza del Campo of the Tuscan hilltop town of Siena. They ride bareback and lavishly wear the colors and symbols of their contrades (town districts).

The race dates back to 1656 - and has been run virtually every year since.

How the Palio
race is run

Three major elements



The horses run on a narrow track around the perimeter of the main piazza.



The race is three laps around the piazza.



Horses gallop at breakneck speed and the race lasts just 90 or so seconds



The horse that crosses the finish line first wins, with or without its jockey.


Unscrupulous tactics

Il Palio is known for its unscrupulous tactics. This can take form in bribery (paying off another contrade to lose or to keep another horse from winning), in doping (a horse), or in unsportsmanlike conduct (such as a jockey whipping a competitor's horse or rider). You may even see jockeys making last-minute deals at the starting line.


In some years, accidents occur to horses, jockeys and/or spectators.

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