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Pitti Palace
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This former residency of Tuscan grand dukes houses over a half-dozen separate museums, Its two brightest stars are:

Palatine Gallery

Royal Apartments

Pitti Palace
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Its many Renaissance masterpieces include Raphael's La Donna Velata ("Woman with a Veil"). See photo. You will also see great paintings by Botticelli, Caravaggio and Rubens.


The private living quarters of the Medicis and the other ruling families are lavishly appointed.

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Pitti Palace


Exterior vs. interior

The building's austere rusticated-stone front facade with an excessive use of Roman arches belies the Pitti Palace's stunning interior.



The Pitti Palace is Florence's largest museum complex.


Specialized museums

Besides the Palatine and apartments, you can visit specialized museums on silver, costumes, porcelain, couches and modern art.



Visit the complex's Belvedere fort for an elevated view of Florence.



Be aware that some of the attractions have separate schedules and ticketing.

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