Roman Forum

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Why the
Roman Forum
is special

It was the political, religious and commercial center of ancient Rome.

Roman Forum


When the Roman Empire crumbled, the forum deteriorated. It was:

Ransacked by invaders

Cannibalized for its marble for use in construction elsewher


By the middle ages, the ruins were smothered with accumulated dirt - and were largely forgotten.


Excavation and reassembling began in the 1800s. And those processes continue today.

Roman Forum


Though ruins are all that remain, there's enough to conjure up in our minds the mighty temples, basilicas and triumphal arches that stood in the glory days of the Caesars.

Best way to visualize
the Roman Forum
in its heyday

Buy a quality illustrated printed visual map or guide illustrating what the Roman Forum looked like in it zenith. Knowing how the structures once appeared as you explore the Roman Forum will immensely enhance your appreciation of this wonder.

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