St Mark's Square

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St. Mark's Square
is special

It is the heart and soul of Venice - and is lined with magnificent architecture, including St. Mark's Basilica (one of my Gold Medal winners). St. Mark's Square dates back to the 9th century

St Mark's Square
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Time of day
makes a difference

Don't just see St. Mark's Square during the day. Its character dramatically changes at dawn (quiet and nearly empty) and at night (becomes romantic as music fills the softly lit square as orchestras play for the outdoor restaurant-cafes).

Pigeon issue

Pigeons are everywhere, flapping their wings and standing on visitors' head to gain the attention of food-toting tourists. To some, they are a nuisance. And, they can transmit diseases - try not to let them land on your head or shoulder.

Flooding issue

The square sometimes floods late in the year. Temporary boardwalks are built.

Pointers on

St. Mark's Square is home to restaurant-cafes with indoor and outdoor tables. The centuries-old Florian and Quadri are the two most famous. Before sitting down at a table at an establishment on the square, be aware that the price of even a cup of coffee along with the cover charge will shock most people.

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