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Why Taormina
is special

This fashionable small resort town overlooks the blue Mediterranean Sea. Taormina is well-known for its ancient amphitheatre.

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The Amphitheatre is
major tourism draw

It sits on a high hill with fantastic views of Taormina town and the rugged Mediterranean coastline. On a clear day, you san see Mt. Etna. (This famous volcano is an hour's drive away, making it an easy day trip.)

Today, cultural performances are staged in the amphitheatre. The acoustics score good marks.

The Taormina amphitheatre is named the Greek Theatre. That's a misnomer. What you see now is mainly the well-preserved ruins of a 2nd century AD Roman theatre built on top of the 3rd century BC Greek theatre.


Taormina town sits high above the sea - and has some interesting restaurants, festivals, and streetscapes. Despite the many tourists it attracts, Taormina somehow retains its pleasant, laid-back ambiance.


A cable car transports you to the beach, which is pebbly, but is surrounded by an attractive vegetation-clad landscape.

Greek and
Roman heritage

Taormina was a Greek colony (founded around 400 BC) before becoming a Roman colony.

Location in Italy

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