Trevi Fountain

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Why the
Trevi Fountain
in Rome is special

This water-intensive sculpture is the world's most-famous fountain.

When to come

Be prepared
for crowds

The square is tiny and Rome has countless tourists. Go when tour-bus tourist crowds are light (early morning and late afternoon. Lunch time is usually also a good period.)

Should I view it in
the daytime or nighttime?

Do both. Trevi Fountain takes on a different aura in the evening when it and its waters are lit.

Making a wish
at Trevi Fountain

Cute ritual

According to a popular superstition, you are guaranteed to return to Rome if you toss a coin over your shoulder into the Trevi Fountain. As an astute local friend told me, your wish will always come true except when it doesn't.

Do the tossed
coins go to charity?

Yes, but that wasn't always totally the case. In 2002, the police caught a man who admitted that for years he had been removing coins in the lonely middle of the night, before city workers came to gather the money in the morning.

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