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Why the
Tuscan countryside
is special

The gently rolling hills of Tuscany are one of the world's most picturesque rural landscapes. Medieval villages, castle ruins and renovated old farmhouses crown hilltops, as do copses of vertically soaring Cyprus trees. On the slopes below stretch vineyards and olive groves, which have given Tuscany its worldwide reputation for interesting wines and olive oil.

Tuscan countryside
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Generally, the most beautiful countryside lies between Siena and Florence, the Chianti area.


Hilltop Villages

The most interesting small hilltop villages for exploring reside south of Siena. They include Pienza, Montalcino and Montepulciano.

Most popular cities
to base yourself
for exploring Tuscany

Most visitors who explore the bucolic sights base themselves in Florence or Siena.

What about staying
in a private villa and
using it as your base?

Many travelers do it. You can rent a private villa in the country for a week or longer (they come in all varieties to suit different preferences and pocketbooks). Most people share a villa with a group of their friends, making it a pleasurable and affordable vacation.

Tuscany cooking
school vacations
are popular

You shop in the local markets with your instructor, cook the food in the rustic kitchen of your farmhouse dwelling, and enjoy the repast with local wine with your fellow students on an outdoor terrace overlooking the mesmerizing Tuscan countryside.

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