Venetian Alleys

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Why the
Venetian Alleys
are special

Venice is laced with narrow alleys that squeeze between buildings and sometimes briefly run along the city's narrow inner canals and cross over quaint mini-bridges.

Alleys of Venice
tips & insights

Why do you recommend
I get lost in the
Venetian alley network?

Exploring them and getting lost in the process gets you away from the tourist crunch on the well-trodden routes. You'll discover small squares, fountains, shops, food markets, restaurants and architecturally rich buildings where locals live. The food in the restaurants will be more authentic and less costly. You can also save money shopping.

How to find
your way back

Bring a detailed map in case you want to end your lost condition. Ask a local for help. If the two of you don't speak the same language, point to where you want to go (such as St. Mark's Square) and he will gesture the way to go.

Best times of the
year to visit Venice

The ideal times are spring and fall. Venice can be uncomfortably hot and tourist packed in the height of summer. November and December are flood prone.

of Venice

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