National Museum
of Anthropology

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Why the
National Museum
of Anthropology
is special

It is one of the world's finest museums. Many of the pre-Hispanic archaeological treasures of Mexico are artfully on display.

National Museum
of Anthropology
tips and insights

Museum has
two sections

Each section covers a distinct time period of Mexico's culture and history.


Ground floor

Focuses on pre-Hispanic objects.

Second floor

Concentrates on contemporary ethnic life.


It is mainly the ground floor section that earned this institution its international acclaim.

Top 3
exhibition halls

The National Museum of Anthropology has about two dozen exhibition rooms, too many to explore in one day. It's best to be selective.

To get you started, here are the three most interesting halls along with their star items:


Mexica Hall (Aztec)

Study upclose the famous 3.5-meter (12-foot) high Sun Stone. See photo above.

Teotihuacan Hall

Teotihuacan Hall
View a colorful replica of a sculpted wall of the Quetzalcoatl Temple.

Maya Hall

See the Tomb and burial artifacts of Pacal, the great ruler of Palenque.


"Aztec Calendar"

The famous Sun Stone (see photo above) is popularly known as the Aztec Calendar. That's a misnomer because the huge stone portrays the four prior universes of the Aztec theology.

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